Venetian Plaster Are Ideal Choice for Storefront Renovation

Venetian polished plaster storefront

If you are considering ways of renovating your storefront, and you have a checklist of must-haves and nice-to-haves in mind, there is a good chance that Venetian polished plaster will tick a number of your boxes. If you are looking for a luxurious, head-turning finish, one that is bespoke to your brand and that works with your environmental responsibility policy too, polished plaster could well make the ultimate choice. Let’s explore the benefits of this specialist finish in greater detail.

What is Venetian polished plaster?

Venetian polished plaster is a plastering style that is ornate in nature. Using a lime-based plaster combined with beautifully shimmering marble dust, the effects achieved by this artisan technique are nothing short of spectacular.

You may not find many Venetian plaster companies in London, because this is a very skilled trade. The technique of applying polished plaster calls for exceptional creative flair, as well as a high level of technical knowhow and in-depth knowledge of the materials used. Get it right, and this is a finish that can be considered almost unmatched right around the world.

Polished plaster offers a great deal of choice in design, and the most amazing decorative effects can be achieved using techniques such as stencilling and banding, both of which work perfectly for brand logos, making them ideal for storefronts.

Venetian plastering can also be used to highlight architectural features such as columns and arches, or to bring a retail space to life by making a feature wall really stand out.

Why choose Venetian polished plaster for your storefront renovation?

Here’s why you should seriously consider choosing Venetian plaster materials as the finish of choice for your retail space:

1.     It creates a high-end, sophisticated finish

The mirror-finish. The smooth-to-the-touch feel. The way the glimmering marble element catches the light. There really is nothing more alluring than Venetian plaster.

If your clientele appreciate the finer things in life, this marble-like finish is certain to bring a smile to their faces as they walk through your doors.

The versatility of the finish is one of its most redeeming features. You may wish to opt for a subtle effect, such as the one chosen by Harrods. Our commission for the world-famous Knightsbridge retailer involved applying polished plaster to a number of surfaces, including a stunning curved wall which we finished in a light Marmorino with a delicate lustre.

On the other hand, upmarket European brasserie Quaglino’s decided that a more impactful finish was for them, so we set about creating an effect that would maximise the impact of the restaurant’s striking focal points, such as the sweeping curved staircase leading to the bar, and the imposing columns in the main dining area. Venetian marble was the plaster of choice for this project. We applied an extensive 120 square metres of beautiful Spatulato, the cream colour matched with precision and contrasted with gleaming black, so creating the sense of grandeur that this iconic eatery so deserved.

Venetian polished plaster Quaglino's

2.     It can be bespoke to your brand

There’s nothing like instant brand recognition, and one of the benefits of polished plaster is that it can be fully personalised so that it works seamlessly with your branding.

Whether it’s a specific colourway, a design, stencilling, or the incorporation of a logo, with the right Venetian plastering expertise, anything is possible.

Working on the Timberland stores for example, we have over our many years of serving the brand come to appreciate how important it is that their retail spaces reflect their distinctive identity and brand-led lifestyle messages. Polished plaster has proved the perfect choice for this company, and we have developed a bespoke finish that complements the old brick slips and wooden floors that are part and parcel of their network of stores.

Venetian polished plaster for storefronts

3.     It offers a healthy option

Venetian plaster is a natural material that doesn’t release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unlike some paints, stains, sealants and glues. What’s more, because the product is lime-based, it does a great job of absorbing carbon dioxide.

The high pH lime content has antibacterial and fungicidal properties too. So you have a breathable product that regulates humidity and prevents the growth of mould and fungus.

4.     Venetian polished plaster is environmentally friendly

Environmental policies are important, especially for world-leading brands. The beauty of Venetian polished plaster is that its ingredients are completely naturally derived and free from toxins. As previously mentioned, the lime-based product also effectively absorbs carbon dioxide, so helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

What’s more, polished plaster is applied using a multi-layering technique. This results in layers of protection and insulation, which are beneficial in terms of energy savings.

5.     Polished plaster is ultra-durable

A durable finish that is easy to maintain will always be a popular choice for a retail space.

Venetian plaster is known as a ‘lifetime finish’ proven to outlive any painted finish by many years, and less prone to shrinking and cracking unlike cement-based alternatives.

This plaster is easy to clean, and if you apply a wax coating then it will naturally repel grime and dust. Its breathability means it dries quickly, so moisture is not retained beneath the surface, so helping to protect the building’s structure.

Because Venetian polished plaster is free from grout, there is little maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

Venetian polished plaster storefronts

Venetian Polished Plaster – The Ultimate Finish for Storefronts of Distinction

Of all the Venetian plaster companies in London, Evoke Polished Plaster has one of the most respected reputations in this highly specialist industry.

The craft of polished plastering is a labour-intensive one, demanding a special blend of skills and imagination, as well as a natural ability to absorb the essence of a brand, and translate it into a finish that lives and breathes it.

Amongst our team we have many decades of experience, and capabilities that are in demand worldwide.

If you would like to discover more about how Venetian polished plaster could transform your storefront commission, you are welcome to get in touch. Our experts will be only too pleased to discuss your project in greater detail.

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