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Welcome to Evoke, the trusted London polished plaster company.

There is little that is more luxurious in the world of interior décor than Venetian polished plaster. Whether it’s a polished plaster feature wall, a marble-effect grand entrance hall or a mirror-finish ceiling, there is no denying that you are dealing with something truly special when you enter the realms of Venetian plaster.

Polished plaster has been in use since Ancient Roman times, but its popularity lives on to this day, with the finish in high demand amongst exclusive retail outlets, top end restaurant brands and private dwellings of distinction.

Whilst the finish itself is something to behold, the skill really lies in the expert application of polished plaster. London based Evoke Polished Plastering is a leading light in this respect.

Serving a world-famous A-list of clients including Harrods, Timberland, Vans, Wagamama, the Ramsey Group and Quaglino’s together with a host of private residences, the artisan skills of our London polished plaster company have been called upon time and time again since we started the business back in 2012.

Read on to uncover the reasons behind the age-old intrigue behind Venetian polished plaster, and learn more about how this beautiful finish could take pride of place in your home or commercial space.

An insight into polished plaster

It takes an enormous level of skill and craftsmanship to achieve the outstanding finishes associated with polished plaster. London base Evoke has, over the years, established long term working relationships with construction specialists, interior design experts and architects, all of them in pursuit of the remarkable finish that will only ever be associated with Venetian polished plastering.

So, what is polished plaster? Let’s explain. Polished plaster is a specialist product that blends shimmering marble dust with lime plaster. This natural product is exceptionally durable, offering a lifetime finish and capable of creating an eye-catching, mirror-like effect. With a choice of colours and textures, it is possible to achieve something truly unique that blends seamlessly with taste, décor and brand.

Why not take a look at our video to learn precisely what goes into the polished plaster application process? Only then will you come to understand how this finish has come to be such a revered craft.

What are the uses of polished plaster?

Venetian plaster is incredibly versatile. It can be used to great effect in an array of environments.

Whether you are looking to create a grand entrance, to shape the perfect fine dining setting, to carry a brand through the four walls of a retail outlet or to breathe an air of distinction into a living space by creating a polished plaster feature wall or pool surround, there really is no limit to the possibilities. Personalisation is also an option, which is precisely why so many leading brands around the world have adopted Venetian plaster as their finish of preference.

Why not browse our portfolio and case studies to see for yourself how polished plaster is used to perfection? You may even draw inspiration for your own projects.

Venetian plaster: the finish of distinction

There are so many different finishes that can be achieved using polished plaster. London wide, Evoke’s application specialists have become respected for their skill in creating just the right look.

From natural stone to high gloss, from weathered and cement-like finishes to sparkling marble, there really is something to cater for every taste.

What’s more, if you wish, you can create your own appeal using banding, stencilling and even incorporating your corporate branding and logo. However you choose to use Venetian polished plaster, one thing is certain… you will be in awe of the results and totally respectful of the intensive labour that has gone into achieving them.

Questions about polished plaster? London-based Evoke is on hand with the answers you need.

Venetian polished plaster can be used on walls, ceilings, and even on curved surfaces such as columns. The finish can also be used around fireplaces and used to create a wow-factor polished plaster feature wall.

Do bear in mind that not all variants of these specialist plasters are suitable for wet rooms, although Venetian polished plaster will work perfectly well in a bathroom or poolside environment. Always talk through your vision with a specialist in polished plaster, London based Evoke being one of the most highly respected. This way, you will receive the guidance you need in choosing the ideal finish to suit the surroundings you have in mind.

All the ingredients in Venetian plaster are naturally derived and toxin-free. No volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted at all and, as the product is limestone-based, it is able to efficiently absorb carbon dioxide, which makes it environmentally friendly.

What’s more, the plaster mixture contains high pH lime, which has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This, as well as the fact it is breathable, means it can regulate humidity and prevent the growth of mould or fungus.

Venetian polished plaster is one of the most straightforward of finishes to care for. Mild soap and water is that’s needed for cleaning, although if you apply a waterproof wax coating regularly then this will effectively repel grime.

Never use harsh cleaning products on your Venetian plaster walls, because they can be very delicate. Instead, take a damp cotton cloth and gently wipe to remove any stains, or use a microfibre cloth to dust.

Venetian plaster should be viewed as an investment. Consider the fact that it is low-maintenance and that it will provide you with a lifetime finish. Whilst you couldn’t exactly call it cheap, polished plaster does deliver value. London wide and further afield, we know that our clients appreciate the fact that this is a finish that far outlasts paint and stains thanks to its fantastic durability.

Ready to start your London polished plaster project?

If you have been seeking something truly unique for your next interiors project, we hope you will find it here at Evoke Polished Plaster in London, where our skilled artisan specialists are ready to help bring your vision to life courtesy of the finest Italian plasters.

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