What Makes Polished Plaster So Luxurious?

Venetian polished plaster can trace its origins all the way back to ancient Roman times, with the earliest evidence reaching back to Pompeii. Some of the artisan techniques such as Marmorino and Travertine developed in those times have endured until this day, all retaining the handcrafted dexterity that was so apparent in those times.

Polished plaster is an ornate style of plastering that incorporates elegantly shimmering marble dust, so producing an incredibly luxurious effect. Exceptionally high levels of technical competence, creativity and imagination as well as knowledge of the materials involved are called for in order to produce the opulent results that this finish is so well known for worldwide.

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The handcrafted refinement of polished plaster

To be considered luxurious, an interior design finish will typically involve a great deal of handcrafted input. Polished plaster is labour-intensive, demanding very particular skills and artistic panache. It is certainly not an everyday plastering technique, or a run of the mill finish. This really is something incredibly special.

This is a truly specialist field demanding a creative approach, a steady hand and unlimited imagination. Only when these skills combine does polished plaster reveal its true luxuriousness.

A product that evolved through the opulent Renaissance era in Venice, polished plaster radiates a passion for design, colour and finish. Specialist decorative finishes are often incorporated, such as stencilling and banding, and there is an extensive variety of colours, making it possible to complement absolutely any interior scheme.

Stencilling is a bespoke craft that can be used to create unique patterns or corporate logos. Banding, either recessed into the plaster or raised from it, can be achieved with a blend of plaster finishes and shades, creating a particularly eye-catching effect, perfect for a feature wall.

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The visual appeal of Venetian plaster

In terms of its visual appeal, polished plaster exudes luxury. The reflective appearance, smooth-to-the-touch texture and unsurpassed depth all combine to create nothing less than a show-stopper. Whether it’s used on walls, entryways or columns, polished plaster lends itself to the most high-end interiors, and it is no wonder some of the world’s most respected retail and hospitality brands have embraced this finish, favouring it over and above traditional paint and tiles.

There is a wide array of choice when it comes to colour and finish, from the most cutting edge contemporary feel, through to elegant, timeless style.

The polished plaster application process, together with the lime-based nature of this specialist plaster, makes it possible to achieve subtle yet highly effective graduations between dark and light. This only acts to further enhance the appeal, creating the luxury finish this technique and product are so widely renowned for. The notable visible trowel marks inject a splash of personality and character to the finish.

In what settings is polished plaster most popular?

As well as proving exceptionally popular amongst high-class homes, Venetian plaster lends itself to high-end commercial projects. From prestigious office and public building receptions to chic hotel foyers, elite retail showrooms, cosmopolitan bars and restaurants and classy salons, the luxury of this finish means it works harmoniously in any sophisticated environment.

Evoke polished plaster interiors example

When it comes to retail spaces, the mirror-finish of polished plasters such as the high-gloss Spatulato makes for the ideal backdrop, highlighting merchandise displays and effectively grabbing attention.

Travertine, a natural stone-like finish, adds a great deal of character, and is an especially alluring feature for wide, open foyers, creating a sense of natural coolness and freedom.

Marmorino is an incredibly popular interior wall decoration that mimics polished marble. Most often rendered in bright white either in matte, satin or gloss finish, this is pure luxury commanding many hours of expert craftsmanship.

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