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Welcome to Evoke Polished Plastering in Wimbledon.

When you look at a wall or ceiling that has been finished in polished plaster, you instantly know you are admiring something truly special. With an artisan history dating back to ancient Rome, and with eye-catchingly lustrous effects that anyone will be challenged to compare, it is no wonder that luxury homeowners and exclusive retail stores are flocking to indulge this spectacular finish.

When it comes to polished plaster, Wimbledon based Evoke Polished Plastering is one of the most respected application specialists in the UK.

With a global clientele including the likes of Harrods, Timberland, Vans, Wagamama, the Ramsey Group, Quaglino’s and concessions at Selfridges and Liberty, as well as an array of private residences, we have found our skills in high demand since the business was established in 2012.

Read on to discover the unique appeal behind the craft of Venetian polished plastering, which is quite simply one of the most luxurious and wow-factor finishes you will come across in the world of interior décor.

What is polished plaster?

A huge amount of skill goes into creating the many finishes offered by Venetian polished plaster. Wimbledon, London and UK-wide and further across the globe, the experts at Evoke Polished Plastering have developed close relationships with architects, interior designers and construction industry specialists who are seeking that outstanding finish that can only be associated with Venetian plaster.

Polished plaster is a specialist plastering style that incorporates shimmering marble dust, the very thing that gives the finish its elegant, mirror-like effect. It is a natural, long-lasting and highly durable lime-based product that is highly regarded around the world.

Just take a look at our video to see what goes into applying polished plaster to walls and ceilings, and you will soon come to understand how this is nothing short of an extraordinary process, able to deliver a highly distinctive finish.

Where can polished plaster be used?

Venetian polished plaster is a truly ornate finish that lends itself to a range of settings.

From statement hallways in private residencies, to bathrooms of distinction, pool rooms and feature walls, through to the shop floors of the world’s most respected retail brands and the grand interiors of a host of fine dining eateries, there is no limit to the use of this product, other than the imagination. And with the ability to fully personalise the finish, it is no wonder so many famous names have invested their trust in Venetian polished plaster.

Why not take a look at our portfolio and case studies for inspiration? It could be the first step towards creating that bespoke vision you have been dreaming of.

A range of sophisticated finishes

The beauty of polished plaster lies in the range of finishes it offers. Whether you are looking to achieve a natural stone effect, your taste lies more with the weathered look, or you prefer that high gloss appeal that oozes elegance, there is something to suit every taste.

There is also the option to go truly bespoke, with stencilling, banding and even the opportunity to showcase your corporate logo and branding. In all cases, the results really are something to behold, and well worth the many, many hours of labour involved.

Whatever finish you choose, you will be in the most artistic hands courtesy of the highest levels of technical competence, imagination and creative prowess that Evoke is known for.

Questions about Venetian polished plaster? Wimbledon-based Evoke is here with all the answers...

Not all variants of specialist plasters are suitable for wet rooms, although Venetian polished plaster will work perfectly well in a bathroom environment. It is wise however to discuss your bathroom vision with an expert in polished plaster. Wimbledon based Evoke being one of the best-regarded. We can assist you with the selection process, so that your choice perfectly suits the surroundings in which it will be used.

This really depends how you view it. Venetian plaster is known as a ‘lifetime finish’ and is very low on maintenance and exceptionally easy to clean. So, if you consider it an investment, then the expense can be offset. Yes there is a greater level of initial investment required in comparison to other types of finish such as paint, but when it comes to durability, polished plaster wins the contest without any doubt.

As well as walls, Venetian plaster can be applied to ceilings, and even curved surfaces such as columns. The finish can also be used around fireplaces and used to create eye-catching feature walls. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your vision.

All the ingredients in Venetian plaster are naturally derived and free from toxins. The product emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) whatsoever and, as limestone, it effectively absorbs carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the plaster mixture includes high pH lime, which has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This, plus the fact it is breathable, means it can regulate humidity and hamper the development of mould or fungus.

It couldn’t be easier to take care of Venetian polished plaster. Mild soap and water is all it takes to clean, but if you apply a waterproof wax coating on a regular basis, then this will effectively repel dirt. Never use harsh cleaning products on your Venetian plaster walls, because the finish is very delicate. Use a damp cotton cloth to gently remove any stains, or a microfibre cloth to dust.

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If you have a desire for that ultimate level of quality that comes only from a harmonious blend of skill and dedication, you will find it here at Evoke Polished Plaster in Wimbledon.

Using only the finest Italian plasters, every step of our work is undertaken by our highly trained and experienced specialists, guaranteeing the highest standards and total peace of mind.

To learn more about how we can bring your ideas and project to life, you are welcome to call us on 020 7118 9959, or email info@evokepolishedplastering.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.