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There are seven staple finishes, although we are constantly developing our own and now have twelve in our portfolio.

At Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors we specialise in a wide variety of Polished Plaster finishes from smooth through to textured, as well as additional decorative finishes such as stenciling and banding.

We source the finest eco-friendly lime plasters and crushed marble direct from Venice, Italy.

There are seven basic designs available, although here at Evoke we currently have 12 in our portfolio and our Bespoke Team is constantly developing more. We can also create amazing decorative effects such as banding and stencil work - both of which are popular for company logos or decor borders.

Images for the following brief product descriptions can be found in the individual brochures.

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Looking after your Polished Plaster walls need not be an arduous task. Indeed, it's a testament to the quality and make-up of the product that it requires relatively little maintenance on an on-going basis and will be good-natured providing it's treated well. Gentle rubbing with a pencil eraser is usually sufficient to remove the odd mark and blemish, and warm soapy water applier with a clean soft cloth should do the job over larger areas.

Our maintenance and repair kit provides you with the necessary tools, repair materials and easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning day-to-day surface dirt, grime and scuffs. You'll also be able to tackle the more stubborn marks that are unavoidable, however careful you are, in any busy home or workplace.

It's important to remember however, that you have a natural, porous and beautiful product on your wall that is worthy of respect. We advise all our clients to follow the instructions we provide - and never be tempted to use acid-based household cleaning products.

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