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Welcome to Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors - UK experts in Venetian polished plaster interiors, with clients across the globe. We specialise in hand crafting polished plaster finishes in the London area.

We offer you sophisticated solutions for all wall finishes using supreme Polished Plaster, Venetian plaster, Stucco plaster and Polished Marble Plaster materials, offering a broad range of styles to choose from. We are highly regarded throughout London and the South of England, working alongside London's outstanding architects, interior designers and main contractors.

We can help if you're looking to add a dash of personality to a room, or simply want to give it a whole new look. Our qualified and highly experienced team use modern, cutting edge technology when designing and hand crafting polished plaster, and we can tailor the look to your exact requirements, meaning your room will benefit from a bespoke polished plaster finish.

We love talking to new clients about polished plaster projects, and have impressive credentials, having recently completed major Venetian stucco plaster projects in London for Timberland, Quaglinos, New York City Tribeca and Harrods.

Have a look at our recent work and case studies for more inspirations. Our blog section where we will keep you up to date with latest news and industry insights, and the various polished plaster finishes available to you.

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Venetian Polished Plaster can certainly create the wow factor you are looking for.

Whether in a compact bathroom, huge open plan living space, or on a high profile external wall, the colours, textures and craftmanship will guarantee you make a statement.

Smooth or textured, bold or subtle, contemporary or traditional, Venetian Polished Plaster will bring style and sophistication to your walls, creating the backdrop you want for your home.

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Polished Plaster in its many guises can be a particularly fitting choice for large commercial spaces where the environment needs to create an immediate impact - or provide a familiar backdrop.

In the reception area of a global corporate HQ it needs to convey a welcome to visitors and staff that comes across loud and clear. For a global retail or restaurant brand where immediate recognition is critical, it is the ideal choice - instantly noticeable, highly durable and eco-friendly.

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