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Evoke is highly regarded and acknowledged as one of London's best polished plaster companies.

I first saw Venetian Polished Plaster at its best as a young lad when exploring Europe - and it captivated me immediately. What variety - in colour, texture and design style. What an impact it made through the effects it created. And what a wonderful product in terms of practicality - durable and eco-friendly.

A couple of my friends were skilled in working with it - and they soon found that because the product was in such demand, so were they - and they were able to travel the world! For someone like me, who loves to travel, that was another point in its favour at that time...

And so my interest in the product - its richness, variety, complexity - and fantastic history deepened - I was hooked and determined at that point to raise the profile of Venetian Plaster in all its guises.


I came back to the UK brimming with ideas and ambition. First off, I trained in the art, worked as a sub for many years to gain knowledge, experience and exposure, and then in 2012 established my own business - Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors, located in London and Wimbledon.

Fast forward to where we are now: a global client base - construction companies, interior designers, and private clients - and a fantastic team of dedicated craftsman.

Together we are 12 people utterly committed to the on-going evolution of these glorious materials and products. Though our skilled craftspeople are gainfully employed pretty-much full-time on commissioned projects (typical 1000m+), we have a Bespoke Team tasked with on-going product and design development.

"We are already working alongside London's outstanding architects, interior designers and main contractors."

Into the future

Polished Plaster is a product that appeals to the customer with a discerning eye and a desire for a level of quality that can only come from a combination of provenance and skill.

Polished Plaster requires artistry from start to finish. The raw materials have to be right and are only available from limited sources. The suppliers of those materials need to be knowledgeable experts. The people who apply the finishes are much, much more than plaster applicators. Overall, Polished Plaster is an art form and it needs to be recognised as such.

Over the next few years I will be raising the profile of this beautiful product encouraging formal recognition of the skills required to produce it. I plan to develop technical training and creative development for craftspeople with the aptitude and potential for it.

This is just the start!

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