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We lead the way when it comes to specialist plastering services. Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial plastering application, we can assist.

We offer a wide range of plastering products, including the popular marble plaster, also known as Venetian and Stucco plaster.

This is a form of construction material that is created when aggregates are mixed with water and a binder. This will be applied wet, which will then harden into a dense solid. The finish is an extremely high-quality one, as long as it has been applied correctly.

With our many years and a great reputation, you can definitely count on us for any of your plastering needs.

An incredible finish for your home or business

You cannot go wrong with Marble Plastering. The plaster boasts subtle shading with an overall matte polished finish. The result is a refined, stylish, and undeniably stunning finish.

This can completely transform any project--commercial or domestic.

Why not take a look at some of the Marble plastering work that we have carried out so far to give you a better understanding?

We are sure this will give you some great ideas on how you can incorporate this into your project.

Choose from a diverse selection of finishes

One of the reasons why Marble plaster has become so popular is because there are so many different finishes and colours to choose from. You will have no trouble finding something that appeals to your taste and fits in with your property style.

The different textured finishes that are available are quite popular because they create a really unique look. These finishes incorporate the likes of pitted, concrete, dragged, travertine, and smooth.

They are created using marble chips and white cement. Plus, by using different marble chips, as well as metallic washes and colour washes, we are able to create any sort of look you could imagine.

All you need to do is give us a call to discuss your unique requirements.

Interested in knowing more about Marble Plaster? Check out our FAQ section or contact us for more information.

As mentioned, this type of plaster will be applied wet. It will then dry, creating a very hard and durable finish. When Stucco plaster is applied to exterior walls, the appearance is very similar to concrete render. Nevertheless, it has much more character, as well as a more cool and tactile feel. It is the ideal choice for practical purposes, as well as being beautiful. This is because it has a breathable quality that you do not get with other types of plaster. This means that it dries quickly, meaning moisture does not get trapped when there is humid or wet weather. Therefore, Marble plastering services offer the perfect blend between looking amazing and offering great durability and practicality too.

There are a lot of different applications that are suitable for Marble or Venetian plaster. It can be utilised for fireplace surrounds and feature walls. It can also be used on ceilings, as well as being suitable for curved surfaces. It can be installed over the likes of brick, cement boards, concrete, concrete blocks, and prepared plasterboard.

Yes, when compared with other options especially, this is a healthier version. With acrylic paints, sealers, and glues, dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released. However, this is not the case with Marble plastering, as it is natural.

Yes, this is simply another name. Some people call Marble plaster Venetian plaster. You then may hear it called Stucco plaster or Stucco Venetian plaster. Other examples include polished plaster and Marmorino. You then have specific types of this plastering. For example, there is Tadelakt, which does not contain any ground marble. This is a Moroccan-style lime plaster. You then have another type that is designed to emulate the appearance of marble, and this is known as Scagliola.

Another reason why a lot of people like this type of plastering is because it is very easy to maintain. There is not going to be a lot of effort on your behalf. This is because less cracking and shrinking is to be expected. If you do need to clean, you are advised to only use water and a mild soap if needed. Do not use any harsh cleaners because they can cause damage. Aside from this, it certainly would not hurt to apply a wax coat every few years in order to protect the surface.

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