Why it’s Worth Having Venetian Polished Plaster in your Home

Venetian polished plaster

Venetian polished plaster has been used as a finish for walls and ceilings since ancient Roman times. Nowadays, the lustrous effects produced by this artisan handcrafted technique have recently experienced a resurgence of popularity, particularly amongst high end properties, from exclusive retail stores through to luxury homes. Aside from the unique appeal presented by Venetian plastering, and the wow-factor it exudes, there are a number of additional hidden benefits to be enjoyed by using this elegant, handcrafted finish in your home. Why not join us as we explore them?

Flexible application

Unlike a painted finish, polished plaster can be used safely on a range of wall and ceiling bases. From wood, brick and tile to cement and plasterboard, providing the base is porous, of a suitable quality and correctly prepared, there are few barriers when it comes to application.

Venetian polished plaster also lends itself well to tackling challenging obstacles, such as edging around period features, fireplace surrounds, columns and archways.

Environmentally friendly Venetian polished plaster

All of the ingredients in polished plaster, such as marble, granite and glass, are naturally derived and toxin-free. The product emits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) whatsoever and, as limestone, it effectively absorbs carbon dioxide.

What’s more, the plaster mixture includes high pH lime, which has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This, combined with the fact it is breathable, means it will regulate humidity and hamper the growth of mould or fungus. This is exactly why homeowners love to use Venetian polished plaster in bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas.

Durable and easy to clean

Venetian plaster is exceptionally durable and known to outlive any painted finish by many years. Cleaning couldn’t be easier; a wipe over with a damp cloth and mild soap will do the job (tip: never use harsh cleaning products or bleach as these can damage the surface of these specialist plasters). Even the deepest scuffs can be dealt with simply by rubbing with mineral wool.

Because the plaster is breathable as we’ve mentioned before, it will dry quickly after being splashed or following humid weather, preventing moisture being retained beneath the surface and therefore helping to protect the structure of the building.

Low maintenance

The ideal alternative to tiles and natural stone, Venetian polished plaster is grout-free, making it low on day to day maintenance.

Lime plasters such as Venetian plaster are known as ‘lifetime’ finishes. They are less prone to cracking and shrinking, unlike cement finishes, and tend to develop an appealing patina as they age.

Applying a wax coating to Venetian plaster walls every two years is a good way to help repel dust and grime.

Venetian polished plaster makes a statement

If you’re someone who thrives on making a statement and you want nothing more for your home than to see it turning heads and creating an impact, Venetian polished plaster could become your best interior finish friend.

This ornate, light-reflecting plaster finish has a true knack of elevating a space, and adding a real splash of personality. Whether it’s used to lift a bijou bathroom, to highlight a feature wall or to breathe grace and sophistication into a grand living space or entrance hall, there is no doubt that you and everyone who visits will be suitably impressed.

Ample choice

Everyone’s tastes differ. What appeals to one may not entice the next. It’s precisely why with Venetian plastering, London householders are attracted to its versatility and the vast choice this technique presents. Go bold, go subtle. Go modern or traditional. From classic white Venetian plaster walls through to stunning metallic treatments reminiscent of a bygone age of splendour, the choice really is yours to make.

At Evoke Polished Plaster we offer a selection of nine finishes, all of which are available in an array of shades. There are decorative logo and stencil options too. And if none of those are enough to tempt you, then we can take you down the fully bespoke route, working closely with our artisan Venetian plastering specialists to achieve your personal vision. In other words, with Venetian polished plaster, you can have exactly what you want.

Here are some of our most popular choices just to whet your appetite:

Spatulato – a contemporary finish that creates real depth of colour and displays a classy high gloss finish and smooth texture that reflects the light beautifully.

Travertine – a finish reminiscent of travertine natural stone. The expert technique used to apply this plaster sees it reflecting two or three tones for an authentic textured look.

Smooth – cool, calm and incredibly sophisticated, this finish displays a subtle speckle. The ideal material when you’re seeking a free-flowing finish.

Marmorino – choose from satin, matte or gloss finishes, select your shade, then watch as the expert craftsmanship brings it all to life, creating a finish similar to Istrian stone.

Metallic – if a dramatic look is what you have in mind, consider metallic polished plaster. The ideal way to add glimmering, light-catching impact to your interior, in a truly unique way.

Pitted – if you are drawn to the look of natural honed stone then pitted Venetian plaster is for you. Want something truly spectacular? Choose a metallic or pearl colour wash for the ultimate striking finish.

Concrete – the weathered look is popular in many settings, and that’s precisely what is achieved by the artisan’s hand when working with a concrete finish.

Dragged – dragged Venetian polished plaster delivers all the rugged charm of weathered stone, and when a colour wash is added, it becomes something truly special.

Banding – perfect for giving definition to expansive spaces and emphasising architectural features, this technique can incorporate visually striking finishes such as metallics for even greater impact.

Venetian Polished Plaster – The Perfect Finish for Homes of Distinction

On a mission to source something truly different and luxurious to adorn the interior of your home? Look no further than Venetian plastering. London homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits this beautiful finish has to offer, not least its sophisticated appeal.

To learn more, and to discuss your project with a Venetian polished plaster expert, you are welcome to get in touch.

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