Why is venetian polished plaster so unique?

Here at Evoke, we are experts in polished plaster with an established, global client base. One of the keys to our success is the individuality of each polished plaster finish with such a variety of available colours, textures and design styles. But what is it precisely that makes Venetian plaster so distinctive?


Venetian plastering is an ornate style of plaster which resembles a marble-esque surface. Traditionally, marble dust is mixed in, which is what gives the marble finish. It is also important to note that this lime and marble dust mix is hardwearing. It is hard to argue against Venetian plastering being aesthetically pleasing, with the name polished plaster coming from the resemblance to polished marble. Therefore, the appearance is unique as it incorporates beauty and practicality in to one. There are very few other materials that do this as effectively.

Skill required

It takes a tremendous amount of expertise; in fact, it can take years of practice to master the techniques and effects needed to create a high quality, gleaming plaster finish. These specialist techniques were developed several hundred years ago during the renaissance period of Europe. That these techniques which today seem ancient with the technology available to us, are still being used shows just how proficient Venetian plaster is! When you commission polished plastering work, you are commissioning art entwined with history.

Maintenance (Or lack thereof)

With its rigid properties and easiness too clean, compared to traditional plastering and paint finishes, polished plaster does not require maintenance and enjoys a very long life expectancy. It is actually a lot cheaper to create a stone finish with plastering than it is to use real stone, allowing you to think out of the box when designing a stone feature for your interior and not worry about paying for all the stone needed. This versatility and durability makes polished plaster a very attractive technique.

As you can see there are many characteristics and features of this plastering art form that make it unique, which make it clear why it is so popular. It is a product that appeals to those with a discerning eye for quality. If you are thinking about renovating your interior, or you have any questions, be sure to get in contact with us!

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