Modern Plastering Designs for 2020

When it comes to creativity, the sky is the ceiling.

Sadly, with interior ceiling designs, the ceiling is the ceiling.

We play it plaster and within the four corners of the room and that’s not a bad thing!

In fact, this can be quite rewarding for the designer when done right.

A well-designed ceiling gives off an aura of ingenuity.

This 2020, we have access to a wide range of materials to mix and match looks for that perfect modern ceiling design.

Cables, pipes and the like can now easily be covered to flatten surfaces as well as maintain a sleek look for the ceiling.

In this article, we will talk about the wide variety of design elements that make your next ceiling design truly stand out.

With that said, here are the trendy designs for ceilings:

Mirror Surfaces

Although you can always go for the more classic options, the mirror surface ones make for a great way to shake things up.

Mirror surfaces let our eyes see a more spacious ceiling while keeping it neat and stylish.

Yes, it is good to line a few mirror tiles with your plastering, but you don’t have to overdo it.

Limiting yourself to the surface area can make for a good boundary while keeping the ceiling fashionable.

Wooden Ceilings

A wooden design is one of the safest ones you can take and make use of on any part of your home be it flooring, counters or ceilings.

Manufacturers are getting better at processing these time-tested materials. In fact, a good number of products have increased durability and even more variety available in the market.

This makes wooden ceiling designs not only fashionable but also practical nowadays. The trend leans towards this, and rightfully so as it is becoming more and more sustainable.

As we are becoming more aware of environment-friendly options for everything, natural materials will continue to be trendy as well.

However, this may mean spending more than when you’re designing using metal and other materials.

When using natural materials, particularly wood, just be sure the ceiling height is three meters or more so it doesn’t appear to look cramped.

Venetian Plaster Ceiling

Looking for palace-like designs?

The Venetian plaster ceiling may just be your type.

This design gives any room an element of the neo-renaissance style that borrows the luxuriousness of palaces of Europe during the 16th to 17th century.

You can see this design in the living quarters of that period.

Patterns you see here include elegant shades and marble stains for a truly stylish look.

Traditional Venetian will typically use lime and gypsum while the real Venetian plaster sticks with marble.

Either way, modern ceiling design applications of Venetian allow for both attractive and durable looks.

Suspended Ceilings

3D and Layered Stretch ceilings

With the rise of stretch ceiling designs came 3D ones soon after. When you’re layering panels as in perforated designs, it just makes sense to play with 3D technology.

The 3D Stretch ceiling design can really catch the attention of the people entering the room because of the illusions you can create.

A good practice here is using PVC in the middle of the ceiling where the design is achieved by surrounding it with perforated curly or step frames using a gypsum plasterboard with backlights.

This way, you can easily achieve the trendy designs such as stars and wave-like patterns that can best make use of curvatures.

This 2020, curved frames have become quite popular as well as multi-level designs. In fact, there are so many ways you can go with this – dome ceilings and curved designs among many other good options.

Mirror stretch ceilings

Mirror and stretch put in one package can spell elegance and innovation. Even a small room can be brought to life and give off a bright, spacious feeling when used the right way.

Combining satin and mirror paintings adds elements that truly brings out space in the room as it reflects the center of the room.

On top of that, built-in lamps can really glow and simply add to an already bright room.

Lastly, a play on the lights can be achieved when you intersect the trajectories of the light being emitted from each area.

Perforated stretch ceilings

A perforated design is definitely a development for modern ceiling design. It plays with colors to created pierced appearances in an otherwise plain stretch ceiling design.

This is typically made using two panels stretched out where one holds more saturated tones while the other serves as the background.

When planning for a new ceiling design, the perforated look is definitely a turn-to one since you can easily play with patterns – abstract, geometric, thematic, etc.

A kicker here is that laser technology adds a whole new dimension for this design. LED strips and other lighting technology help create visual layers for the ceiling.

When pulling off a perforated design, note that you will need a high ceiling for it to actually benefit the room and not merely take up space.

Floating Line on Stretch ceilings

Floating lines make for unusual shapes that did not click well until lately. Modern ceiling designs now completely embrace the stretch ceiling with a floating line.

As a translucent film is used over the frame, the lamps can be kept well hidden while evenly scattering the light for a unique effect on the texture.

When the lights are off, you cannot fully appreciate the elements at play here. However, when lights are switched on, you can easily notice how evenly the glow comes from the lights.

Typically, this interior ceiling design can come with a special type of remote so you can set the colors according to your taste.

As a great alternative, you can even opt to add screens to help add to any mood.


And there you have it – modern ceiling designs for 2020!

It always helps to pay attention to ceiling designs year on year since more and more designs become possible with advancing technology.

In fact, it’s safe to say that these designs evolve.

Although there isn’t really a wrong way of doing your interior ceiling design, it just helps to be mindful of the elements and technology behind them.

Whether it’s modern, aristocratic, or a play on both, we may have something for you.

So if you ever need help with getting advice for that new ceiling you’re envisioning, feel free to give us a ring.

Our attentive design consultants can give you the quick tip you’re looking for when designing your next ceiling.

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