Origins of venetian (polished) plastering

While many of our clients are drawn to polished plastering because of its modern, often industrial finish, they may not realise that the application of Venetian or polished plaster, as it is often now known – has a very long history, dating back to around 9000BC.

One of the oldest materials used in construction, lime plaster was used across Jordan before the Romans began mixing it with marble chippings or powder to create a product similar to the one Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors uses today. In fact, it’s the addition of marble dust that gives the plaster its signature hard, smooth finish, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Over time, polished plaster has been given a variety of different names – Italian or Venetian, Stucco, Marble, Spatulato – and many others. Its evolution, throughout the Renaissance era in Venice, adding different textures and tints, has continued to provide customers across the world with a consistently high quality finish. Marmorino, one of our most popular Venetian plasters, gives walls an understated elegance. Cool as stone to the touch, with a satin look and feel, Marmorino literally means little marble. The plaster is made of coarsely ground Carrara marble and when applied, has a beautiful and subtle sparkle. The first record of Marmorino Stucco is in a building contract for the nuns of Santa Chiara of Murano, dating back to 1473.

By the beginning of the 17th century, a highly polished technique of Venetian plastering known as the Stucco Veneziano found prominence in the palaces of Venice; you can still see this type of Venetian plastering on some of the Roman structures still standing in modern Italy, as well as in the villas of Pompeii.

Two thousand years on from its origins, Venetian Polished Plaster requires the same blend of technical competence, knowledge and high quality materials – and the beauty of the end result is very largely down to the artistic flair of the applicator. Whether you’re looking for an industrial or traditional finish, Evoke Polished Plaster Interiors source the highest quality, modern ingredients direct from Venice, formulated from the finest eco-friendly lime plasters and crushed marble and we apply this with the same level of craftsmanship that has been learned over many years and which we hope will continue to stand the test of time.

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