Venetian Plastering Designs this 2019

Having been used for centuries, plastering has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Now one of the most popular design trends, there are a variety of Venetian plastering designs to enjoy throughout 2019. 

It is, perhaps, its versatility which has ensured Venetian plastering design has stood the test of time. With an unrivaled level of adaptability, plastering can be used to enhance any form of interior design. From eco and classical to art deco and modern minimalism; Venetian plastering lends itself to almost any design you can think of.

However, it isn’t just their versatility which renders plastering designs so popular. As well as delivering a range of fantastic finishes, Venetian plastering is highly durable and long-lasting. Indeed, you can rely on plastering designs to outlast alternative options, such as paint or wallpaper. 

Furthermore, its durability ensures plastering designs work well in high traffic areas. From busy hallways in residential homes to bustling lobbies in corporate offices; Venetian plastering can cope with a high level of foot traffic and continuous use. 

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that plastering designs are a staple feature in 2019’s interior design trends. To discover how you can use Venetian plastering designs to enhance your own design choices this year, take a look at our roundup of the best Venetian plastering designs this 2019…

  1. Feature Plastering

If you want to create a focal point in a room, plastering designs are the way to go. Whilst you can use Venetian plastering to cover an entire wall or even throughout a whole property, it can be used to create striking features too. 

Many interior designers have opted for bold shapes on muted walls, to showcase Venetian plaster at its best. If a painted wall gives a flat finish, for example, plastering designs can enhance it by offering texture and depth. 

Furthermore, you can complement your existing design choices with plastering designs. The range of finishes and colours available means there really are no limits when it comes to using plastering designs to enhance your design choices.

Whilst many designers are incorporating plastering designs from the outset, you can also opt for Venetian plastering if you want to change the aesthetic of a room without completely renovating it. If you want to redesign or revamp your environment but can’t commit to a full redecoration, consider adding Venetian plaster features to create a whole new feel. 

  1. Frameless doors

Chances are 99% of the door you see are surrounding by a casement or door jamb. They’re so ubiquitous that you may not even notice them but, trust us, they’re there. With innovative plastering designs, however, you can do away with standard door jambs and create a different look entirely. 

Frameless doors don’t feature a typical door jamb at all. Just like the name implies, they don’t feature a visible frame. In fact, they’re completely flush with the wall, so there’s no frame or sill jutting out. 

To ensure your doors are still as functional as ever, a frameless door does include a casement. When installed, the casement will sit inside the doorway itself, so it won’t be visible when the door is hung and closed. 

Frameless doors can be used on both exterior and interior doorways, although they’re more popular inside properties. The work extremely well with Venetian plastering designs due to their unobtrusive style.

If you want to create an uber minimalist design, for example, a frameless door and Venetian plastering allow for a completely seamless finish. Indeed, you can incorporate plastering designs on to the door itself to increase the impact.

However, frameless doors and Venetian plasters aren’t just well-suited to contemporary interior design. If you prefer a rustic or traditional design, a frameless door and plaster combo could provide what you’re looking for. Venetian plastering can deliver exceptional texture and depth, which is ideal when you want to create a rustic feel or give the appearance of solid, slab walls and historic architecture. Combined with a frameless door, this breathes character into a property and delivers an enviable finish. 

  1. Concrete couture

Concrete is an exciting interior design trend in 2019, but it can be a tricky material to work with. Whilst there are tiles and paints designed to give a concrete finish, these don’t always give you the look you’re after. In addition, you can run the risk of dulling your space when you incorporate concrete into your design. Predominantly associated with industrial design, concrete can be a fantastic addition to any environment – when it’s done well. 

If you want to make the most of this high-class interior design trend, Venetian plastering designs offer an array of options. Whilst Venetian plaster can give the appearance of concrete, you’ll avoid the pitfalls many homeowners fall into when they work with concrete.

With Venetian plaster, for example, there’s no risk of your design feeling full or lacking vibrancy. When you use plastering designs to create a concrete finish, you can incorporate as much texture and depth as you like. Even the glossiest plastering designs give the illusion of depth, so it’s the ideal material to use when you want to create a realistic concrete finish. 

When you think of concrete, you probably think of harsh lines and rectangular and square slabs. Indeed, Venetian plasters can be used to create this effect. However, using plastering designs to soften your concrete interior can add a unique twist to the atmosphere in a room. 

Venetian plastering isn’t limited by corners or curves, so you can use it to enhance any room. Instead of sticking to formulaic shapes, you can use innovative plastering designs to create a softer concrete style. This turns a potentially stark design trend into a user-friendly option for your interiors and gives you endless options to explore.

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