Quick Guide to the Different Polished Plaster Finishes

Evoke polished plaster is an artisan craft. An enormous amount of skill goes into creating the wide variety of finishes, and there are many. Colours, textures and designs abound, but the common ground that brings them all together is the way they have the knack of turning heads with their impactful appeal.

Durable, eco-friendly and practical, Venetian polished plaster lends itself to so many applications. From grand entryways to sophisticated commercial spaces, elegant retail outlets and wonderful homes. But there is a lot more to polished plaster than meets the eye.

With the right degree of craftsmanship, this is a plaster finish that can exceed all expectations. Because with experience and learning comes expertise in unique qualities. This boosts the variety and scope that polished plaster can offer, taking it beyond the standard set into highly bespoke realms that truly stand out amongst the rest.

All considered, let’s delve into the full range of Evoke polished plaster finishes, courtesy of our specially compiled quick guide.

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Stencil polished plaster

The striking creations that can be achieved when you combine polished plaster with amazing stencil artistry really are something to be admired. Stencil polished plaster is a fully bespoke option, created in conjunction with your own individual vision. Whatever you desire, whether it’s a personal statement or a corporate branding exercise, we can create your ultimate finish in Venetian plaster.

Logo polished plaster

Logo polished plaster is the perfect way to express your corporate branding in a highly elegant and dramatic way that is certain to leave a memorable impression. Logos in polished plaster can be embossed or recessed. Whatever the method, the entire process commands a very keen eye and steady hand in order to achieve the desired striking result. At Evoke Polished Plaster we have an accomplished team. A team with incredible expertise in bringing branding to life using beautiful logo plaster treatments.


Banding can be used to exceptional effect when there is a goal to define an expansive area, focus on different levels, emphasise architectural features, or underscore an angle. As a polished plaster finish, banding presents the opportunity to introduce different colours. It also allows you to incorporate visually fascinating material finishes, including the likes of metallics.

Smooth polished plaster

For those attracted to the appeal of natural stone and the coolness it delivers, smooth polished plaster makes the perfect choice with its subtly speckled finish and beautifully uninterrupted, free-flowing appeal. Works well across any commercial or domestic setting.

Metallic polished plaster

The ultimate way to achieve a truly luxurious effect, metallic polished plaster is one of the finest finishes, especially when cleverly applied to deliberately add impact to a minimalist space. This is a finish that calls for incredible skill, but the results are worth it, delivering pure theatrical effect.


Istrian stone is characteristic of Venetian architecture, and Marmorino, a marble effect plaster, has been created to reflect its intrinsic beauty. A favourite for interior décor, Marmorino can be applied in gloss, satin and matte finishes. It also works beautifully in clean, bright white. All sorts of textures can be achieved with the right expertise.

Travertine polished plaster

With the appeal and look of travertine natural stone, travertine polished plaster delivers a multi-tonal effect. This plaster can be shaped into panels or block work to create the appearance of a solid stone block wall. This look is perfect for commercial and domestic spaces alike, with a variety of colourways possible.

Concrete plaster

Rugged and natural, this is a plaster finish that looks like cast concrete. Branding or taste can dictate the overall look, whilst the physical appearance of concrete polished plaster can be tailored to accentuate the attributes of distressed, weathered or honed concrete.

Pitted polished plaster

It takes an artisan’s hand to bring this finish to life and make it truly unique. Pitted polished plaster is incredibly versatile, providing all sorts of different levels of pitting from fine through to heavy. Apply a metallic, pearl or colour wash and the effects are amplified into something truly spectacular.

Dragged polished plaster

If you like the look of weathered stone, then you’ll love the appeal of dragged polished plaster. This is a textured finish which is uniformly rough with subtle colour variations. Distressed stone is a good description. Add a colour wash in the hue of your choice and see the impact ramped up considerably.

Spatulato plaster

Contemporary, smooth and high gloss, Spatulato has a wonderful ability to reflect light in myriad ways across the colour spectrum. This is a truly high end finish that displays a great deal of robustness as well as moisture resistance, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Bespoke polished plaster

Your vision, your ideas, your goals. Here’s where everything YOU want comes together, with the help of our artisans. Blending different polished plaster finishes and treatments, we are able to create the ultimate unique result you need in bespoke polished plaster to really stand apart.

Evoke Polished Plaster – Expertise in the Art of Interior Beauty

Whether you are looking to create authentic white Venetian plaster walls, or want to recreate the beauty of marble effect plaster, you can rely on the extensive experience and in-depth skill of the Evoke Polished Plaster craftspeople.

Polished plaster is an artisan trade. Here at Evoke Polished Plaster we work alongside some of London’s most respected interior designers, contractors and architects, tailoring finishes to suit a wide range of tastes and visions.

To discuss your interiors project with a member of our highly experienced team, please feel free to get in touch.

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