Even more styles of polished plaster

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the potential of Venetian polished plaster and the different styles and finishes available to you. However, due to the abundance of opportunities that come with polished plaster, we did not discuss all of the possibilities. In this article we will go into detail on different styles we didn’t cover last time.


Pitted plaster has the look and feel of honed stone. When crafting a pitted finish, the pattern can be adjusted by the artisan’s hand. Pitted plaster can be applied with a fine or heavier touch and can even be colour washed in metallic, pearl or colour shades.


A smooth finish is summed up perfectly by its name. This polished plaster styling has the feel and appearance of natural smooth stone. It can be utilised to provide a relaxed backdrop to any living, working or commercial space. It is the ideal material for achieving a consistent free-flowing finish.


A concrete finish provides a seamless impression of cast concrete. A feature of the concrete plaster finish is that the shade and colour can be adjusted depending on your needs and requirements. This also applies to the physical appearance of the plaster, which can be designed to resemble honed, weathered or distressed concrete.


A stunning metallic styling can recreate a look which resembles the ancient worlds of the east. Alternatively it can be used to offer a high impact look in a minimalist, contemporary space, with a bold appearance. The process is time-consuming and can only be undertaken by a skilled polished plaster artisan. However, investing in a metallic finish is worth every penny, with an end result that is guaranteed to stand out.

Brand your finish with Stencil, Logo or Banded styling.

In the last article we touched on the beauty of bespoke polished plaster. However we did not go in-depth into this and how you can use Venetian plaster to brand or market your business. Company logos can be expertly integrated with a Venetian plaster wall to produce an impressive, professional effect. Whether the logo is recessed or embossed, the work requires a keen eye and a steady hand. Stencilling provides an opportunity for individuality, but requires painstaking concentration with a stencil. You could choose to relate your stencilling to your business. Banding can also be used in branding, as it is great for defining and drawing attention to specific areas. It also allows you to introduce different colours, so that you can design a finish which fits your company colour scheme.

So, as you can see there is an abundance of choice available when designing the perfect polished plaster solution. Now that you are armed with the knowledge, and even know how plaster finishes can be used effectively in association with your business, all there is left to do is put your plan into action. If you are looking to renovate your interior with a powerful Venetian plaster feature, please be sure to get in contact with us.

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