The different styles of polished plaster

There are many different finishes available for polished plaster, and we specialise in a wide variety, from smooth to textured. We also have vast experience in decorative finishes such as stenciling and banding. Creating finishes using Venetian plaster is a very tricky art and requires an advanced level of experience and skill. If you are considering polished plaster, but you are not yet sure on what style you would like, this article is for you as we will explore a few of the different finishes available to you and their individual characteristics.


Where better to start than Spatulato? Spatulato is without a doubt, our flagship product. Spatulato delivers depth with a high gloss finish and a velvet-smooth texture. Spatulato is well known for its strength and resistance to moisture, as well as how it reflects light.


Marmorino polished plaster has become very popular recently. Often used for interior wall decorations, Marmorino can be applied in a matte, satin or gloss finish. It is undeniable how attractive Marmorino is, however, it is regarded as a luxury product and requires many hours of workmanship.


True to its name – Travertine plaster appears like travertine natural stone. It often appears as if it has two or three tones, which give off the effect that it has a textured, directional feel. Travertine can also be shaped to give off the appearance of stone blocks.


Dragged polished plaster offers a rough aesthetic. Another characteristic is slight colour variations throughout the plastering, which make dragged plaster very effective at giving off a weathered stone look, as if it has been left at the mercy of the elements when in fact, the finish is intentional.


With our extensive experience and skill in polished plaster, we can really bring your ideas to life and create bespoke polished plaster finishes. We are able to blend together different ideas and finishes to create unique designs, bespoke to you and your creative vision.

There are many different finishes available when dealing with polished plaster, and what makes it even better is how different each finish is. There truly is a finish for everyone! If you are looking to incorporate polished plaster into your interior, you can rely on our expertise to deliver a product that satisfies your requirements. Take a look at other finishes we offer, or get in contact with us to find out more.

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