Making a Feature of Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster fireplace surround

Traditional Venetian polished plaster is well known for its highly polished, natural finish that resembles elegant marble. Because of this, it is often put to good use for decorative effect, creating stunning feature walls and spectacular staircases. It is also not unusual to see a Venetian plaster fireplace surround in many a home of distinction. Here we explore just a small selection of the many features that can be created in homes and commercial spaces, courtesy of the artisan craft that is Venetian polished plaster.

Where can Venetian plaster be used?

Venetian polished plaster can be used to great effect on walls and ceilings, as well as curved surfaces such as stairwells, archways and columns.

This lime-based finish adheres best to porous substrates, and can be applied to properly prepared brick, cement board, plasterboard and concrete. There are certain types of Venetian plaster that can be used on previously painted surfaces too.

Drying down to a hard, durable finish, polished plaster presents a striking depth of character. It is practical too, drying quickly after exposure to water. Polished plaster is mould resistant, never retaining moisture behind the surface, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and around pool sides. With a whole spectrum of possibilities, from deeply textured choices through to ultra-smooth finishes, and with an entire kaleidoscope of colour washes to choose from too, the versatility of this product really is endless.

Used for centuries and dating back to ancient Roman times, Venetian plaster complements any type of interior, from the traditional through to the most contemporary. Whether it’s bringing a commercial space to life, or restoring a period property, there really is so much you can do with polished plaster.

Venetian plaster feature walls

Because Venetian plaster is available in a vast array of colours, from elegantly subtle pastel shades to ultra-bold reds, blues, greens and even blacks, there is every opportunity to use it to create wow-factor feature walls. Interiors experts often put it to use in creating everything from zone dividers or media walls in domestic settings, to eye-catching promotional boards in commercial lobbies or reception areas.

Combine with inset display areas to house collections of objet d’art, or to showcase branded lines in a high end retail outlet.

The possibilities really are endless. From stencilled feature walls to logo branding, from metallic finishes to pearlescent effects, when you opt for Venetian polished plaster for your feature wall, the results will be nothing short of spectacular.

Venetian plaster staircases and columns

Because Venetian plaster is so flexible, it is perfect for use on staircases and stairwells, and on smooth or textured columns too. Pretty much any curved surface can be covered with polished plaster.

Many a high end establishment has used polished plaster to great effect to stage amazing staircases that contrast beautifully with the rest of the surroundings.

Restaurants, hotels and institutions across the world all play host to such features and, because polished plaster can be applied in such a way that it mimics the look of natural stone such as marble or Travertine, it is perfect for traditional and period buildings where a finish that is sympathetic to the fabric and appeal of the times is fitting.

Venetian plaster fireplace surround or chimney breast

Venetian polished plaster makes an excellent choice for fireplaces, mantel and chimney breasts. Its natural lime base means that it reacts well to extreme heat, making it perfect for use in such settings.

Imagine a grand fireplace in a period style home or in a magnificent corporate boardroom, finished in ultra-smooth, marble-like matte or satin Marmorino, either in bright white or one of many elegant shades to suit the surroundings.

The flexibility of this particular choice of Venetian polished plaster means that a variety of textures are possible. So if you are looking to make a feature of a chimney breast, you could opt for a rippled finish in a striking shade to really make it stand out.

Another possibility, and one that works beautifully with feature chimney breasts, is dragged polished plaster.

This is a natural-looking, textured finish that is applied in such a way that it presents a uniformly rough feel. With its subtle yet effective variations in colour intensity, dragged polished plaster produces a look of real depth.

The craft lies in the application, with a directional finish leading to a natural effect of distressed stone that has been weathered over the years. This is a perfect choice for rustic properties such as country cottages, perhaps with an open chimney feature or inglenook housing a log burner.

It is also worth bearing in mind that it is often possible to apply Venetian plaster over brick fireplace surrounds, and indeed most types of materials. So whatever you have to work with as a base substrate, you will not usually be held back in your vision.

Venetian polished plaster, for the perfect feature finish

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