A Guide to Venetian Plaster Colours

Venetian plaster colours

The wow-factor finish of Venetian plaster has to be its most redeeming feature. Its multi-tonal depth, the natural texture, and the way it reflects the light all contribute to the uniqueness of this truly beautiful finish, which is the epitome of luxury. But Venetian polished plaster has to be championed for its versatility too. With such a variety of finishes, and so many Venetian plaster colours, there really is something to suit every taste, style and brand.

With this in mind, let’s take a look specifically at the subject of Venetian plaster colours, exploring what is available amongst each of the individual polished plasters, and answering the question, can you change the colour of Venetian plaster?

What colours are available in Spatulato Venetian plaster?

Spatulato is one of the most popular Venetian plaster products, delivering a stunning high gloss finish, and a super-smooth texture. Spatulato lends itself more to contemporary surroundings, and is often used in commercial settings, creating inviting welcomes, striking backdrops and alluring spaces.

When it comes to Venetian plaster colours, Spatulato offers a fine array of 45 shades, from cool and warm whites right through to the darkest hues, with blues, reds, pinks, greens and a host of elegantly understated pastels in between.

Dragged Venetian plaster colours

Dragged polished plaster is a natural-looking, textured finish. Designed to give a uniformly rough feel, this finish produces subtle variations in colour intensity, giving it real depth. The art really is in the application with dragged polished plaster, with a directional finish producing a charming look of distressed stone that’s been exposed to the elements.

Colour washing creates magnificent impact with this particular plaster. Amongst the ten subtly natural shades available are creams, pinks, fawns and lilacs.

Travertine polished plaster shades

This natural stone finish looks just like the real thing. The application process results in a multi-tonal appearance, giving it the textured look that real Travertine is so widely admired for.

Ten shades are available in Travertine polished plaster, all of them beautifully natural and perfect for creating eye-catching feature block walls or panels.

Marmorino Venetian plaster colours

Marmorino is one of the most labour-intensive polished plaster finishes, but the results really are something to behold. With a choice of matt, satin and gloss effects, Marmorino typically mimics polished marble and is one of the most popular interior finishes used in both domestic and commercial settings.

Whilst bright white tends to be the hue of choice for this particular polished plaster, there is quite a demand for the entire colour spectrum, from warm, rosy white right through to night-sky black. Feature walls and display areas can be brought to life in striking ways with shades of red, whilst blues, greens and browns maintain an earthy feel. Make your choice from 48 options, if indeed you can.

Colours available in pitted polished plaster

Pitted Venetian plaster looks just like distressed stone. The level of distress is totally down to your preference, and is all in the artistic hands of the specialists who apply it.

Popular colour washes for pitted polished plaster include metallic and pearl, although the colour chart is quite extensive, with 40 shades on offer ranging from natural creams through browns, greys, greens, blues and reds, and many in between.

Venetian plaster colours for concrete polished plaster

A rudimentary concrete-finish wall may not strike you as a high-end finish, but concrete Venetian plaster is in fact a popular choice amongst a number of high profile brands. If you favour a rustic look, you will be attracted to this finish, which can be applied in varying degrees of weathering and distressing for a truly authentic look.

Choose from ten shades to suit your personal taste, décor or brand, all of them suitably muted to complement this simple yet highly effective finish.

Smooth polished plaster colours

Popular in living spaces, but equally in demand in commercial settings, smooth polished plaster features a gentle speckle, creating intrigue and interest. Favoured for its natural stone effect, this finish is free-flowing, introducing an air of calm into any environment.

With 33 shades available, choice is never going to be an easy task, but on a positive note, it will be more straightforward to match this finish to your taste and interior style.

Can you change the colour of Venetian plaster?

If at some point in the future you decide you would like to alter the shade of your Venetian polished plaster, then this is usually possible.

It is important though to bear in mind that there will be considerable preparation work involved, and if you are attempting to cover Venetian plaster that has a rough or pitted texture, or a multi-tonal effect finish, then it is advisable to engage a professional polished plaster specialist to carry out the colour change for you. Otherwise you may risk damaging the surface, or losing the beautiful effect that you so admire.

Venetian polished plaster… colour your dreams, courtesy of Evoke Polished Plastering

If you have been seeking a distinctive interior finish that can be tailored to suit your personal colour preferences, you will find it within Venetian polished plaster.

With a kaleidoscope of shades available across many of the polished plaster finishes, and with exceptional expertise on offer in terms of the art of application, Evoke Polished Plaster makes the perfect choice for any interiors project.

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