Why Use Polished Plasters in 2020?

With a veritable feast of interior design trends to look forward to in 2020, it’s never too early to start planning your renovations. Whether you’re making major changes to the structure of your property or you’re simply enhancing the interior with changes to the décor, you won’t want to miss out on these stunning trends in 2020…

Warm neutrals

Versatile and flexible, warm neutrals are going to play a big role in 2020. From kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and living areas; neutral tones can create a warm and inviting feel or a cool, calm space. If you think neutral is easy to get right, however, think again. 

Neutrals can actually be one of the trickiest design trends to get right. Warm neutrals are featuring highly in 2020’s interior design trends, which is great news for homeowners.

Cooler neutral shades can be difficult to make work in a residential environment, precisely because they don’t offer the warm, cosy feel you want to recreate in your home.

With warm neutrals, however, your rooms will be inviting and homely. In addition to this, a neutral base gives you the option to incorporate other hues, textures and trends into each room.

Whilst you can use warm neutral backdrops throughout your entire property, each room can develop its own identity with the additional décor you choose to add to it.

When you’re looking for ways to incorporate the warm neutral trend into your home, polished plasters are the best answer. Available in a range of colours, you’ll find a multitude of whites, creams, beiges and greys with warm undertones. 

If you really want to enhance the warmth of your neutrals and make the most of this year’s trends, using a textured polished plaster will deliver a stunning finish.

Dragged, Travertine and pitted polished plasters offer additional warmth because of their textured finish. As well as adding depth, the textured finish allows for colour variations to become apparent.

These subtle two or three-tone distinctions add to the warmth of the colour and enable you to truly incorporate warm neutrals into your 2020 interior design. 

Biophilia Design

You might not have heard of biophilia design, but you’ll definitely recognise it when you see it. Biophilia is all about combining natural sustainable design with human engineering.

The recent emphasis on eco-friendly design methods and materials is at the forefront with biophilia and the end result is a stunning mix of natural décor and earthy, ethereal colours. 

To incorporate biophilia design, you’ll want to enhance your home’s natural characteristics. Parred back furniture, natural textures and exposed wood is all big in 2020, but you’ll need to find the perfect option for a backdrop if you want to go to town with biophilia in 2020. 

Polished plasters fit perfectly with biophilia because they encompass age-old traditions and natural materials. Dating back centuries, polished plaster has been used to adorn home and make use of natural stone elements.

Now used in modern homes across the country, you can use polished plasters to achieve the natural quality so important in biophilia. 

What’s more, the colours, textures and hues available in polished plasters make them an ideal option when you’re switching to 2020 trends. Biophilia design emphases earthy tones, which can be recreated perfectly with expertly applied polished plasters.

The warm terracotta of Travertine polished plasters or the deep plum of Spatulato polished plasters will work wonderfully with biophilia design, and they’ll provide a long-lasting and user-friendly finish too.

Terrazzo flooring

Using chips of granite, marble, quartz and glass, Terrazzo flooring can create an interesting, high gloss finish in any environment. Once solely reserved for commercial application, Terrazzo flooring will be making its way into residential environments throughout 2020.

As homeowners look for increasingly innovative ways to kit out their homes, this unique flooring design offers bespoke finishes, a variety of colours and unique finish.

With such an eye-catching flooring option, however, homeowners will want to ensure they have the right materials on their walls. Whilst competing with Terrazzo flooring can make a room too ‘busy’, you’ll need something which can complement the Italian design without detracting from it. 

Furthermore, homeowners will want to ensure they’re complementing décor softens the appearance of the Terrazzo flooring. This will detract from its once commercial use and ensure it offers a more homely feel when used in a residential setting.

Polished plasters can easily be used to complement Terrazzo flooring, regardless of whether you’re using it in hallways, kitchens, bedroom or living spaces. 

The subtle yet effective finish offered by polished plasters ensures a warm feel which won’t complete with the Terrazzo design. However, the delicate emphasis of polished plasters will work well to capture the glistening marble and quartz chips on the floor and showcase them at their best. 

Making 2020’s interior design trends work for you

Decorating your home gives you the opportunity to incorporate the latest interior design trends and enjoy them on a daily basis. However, any home has to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Whilst any design can be tempered and modified to work well within your home, it’s important to choose materials and finishes which will stand the test of time and live up to your busy lifestyle. 

Whether you’re bringing nature inside with biophilia design, installing stunning Terrazzo flooring or using warm neutrals as the backdrop for your home, you’ll want to ensure you use these trends to create a liveable and functional environment for you and your family. 

Fortunately, the versatility of polished plasters allows you to do just that. The range of textures, colours and finishes available means you can use polished plasters to recreate almost any design trend in 2020, whilst the exceptional quality and craftsmanship will ensure your home is adorned with top-quality, functional and stunning décor.

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