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As a leading clothing brand with a distinctive identity, Timberland has to achieve a product range and the lifestyle messages the brand conveys.

Polished Plaster is the perfect choice and we have developed a finish that complements the old brick slips and wooden floors that have also become a feature throughout their store network.

We've worked with Blue Group on behalf of Timberland for over several years now, and have built a very strong working relationship with them, such that we can all be confident that the project will be done - from start to finish - within three days. It's a level of reliability that is great for all parties, especially the client. For us, the knowledge that we are working with a contractor we can trust and whose tradesmen are absolute professionals, is immensely reassuring. When we arrive on site, we know it will be ready - every time.

We feel that to have been chosen to work for such a well-known and respected high street brand as Timberland is significant; it affirms that the products we use and the skills be can bring - both technical and creative - are wholly relevant for today's discerning and competitive marketplace.

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