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Case Studies

Buckingham Palace Road

Buckingham Palace Road

This ambitious refurbishment of a landmark Victorian building in Buckingham Palace Road features at its heart a magnificent atrium, made all the more impressive through the artistic application of Venetian Polished Plaster.

The atrium is one of the largest to be found within a commercial premises in Europe and creates the most spectacular central feature within an altogether imposing and awe-inspiring interior.

Venetian Polished Plaster has undoubtedly come into its glorious own here. The client wanted to achieve a lightly honed stone effect which emphasized the scale and shape of the atrium, so after careful consideration we used a bright white Marmorino on the walls in the main atrium, and a moody dark grey Spatulato to the walls and ceiling of the escalator area. This combination enabled us to achieve a powerful contrast - through clever use of light and dark, and also subtle variation in texture.

The scale of the project was exciting in itself. The budget for the polished plaster alone was £100,000 with a surface area in the region of 1000m2. Working closely with BPC Interiors, Evoke's talented artisans were on site for 25 days, involved from the start in matching samples of materials and colours thereafter continuing to work with the designers to ensure eventual look and feel blended seamlessly with the overall interior design.


Mayfair, London W1

Nicholas Kirkwood is a British shoe designer who wanted to redesign his flagship boutique in London's Mayfair.

Evoke Polished Plaster was invited to work alongside Pearl Fit-Out, a retail interiors company. Our brief was to apply Venetian Plaster to stunning effect, on a variety of surfaces.

Using an experienced team of two, it took five days to decorate around 20m2 of wall space. The client wanted to achieve a particularly arresting effect on two of the walls, with the look and feel of distressed concrete - but incorporating a bronze trim. Our challenge here was to keep the polished plaster away from the trim, a delicate and painstaking task requiring focus and dexterity.

An arguably greater challenge came with a shelving display, designed by Nicholas Kirkwood himself and based on an antique bookshelf he owns. Our objective was to enhance this fantastic presentation space by using the very beautiful Travertine polished plaster finish.

To achieve the crisp, sharp angles that gave the best opportunity for Travertine to make an impressive visual statement, we had to dismantle the finished structure and meticulously plaster each part before reassembling it. The result was well worth the effort: beautiful footwear now displayed to best advantage!

As a direct result of our work on this project Evoke Polished Plaster was referred to the Maria Tash concession within Liberty of London.

Lowndes Square

Apartment - Lowndes Square, SWl

This project was part of an apartment refurbishment with an overall budget of c £1 million. For all those involved, it affirmed that thorough preparation, constructive collaboration and the willingness to go that extra mile, are core ingredients for a great result.

Whilst visiting Egypt, our client had seen Venetian Plaster used to great effect and decided that they'd like a similar, highly polished finish in their London home, across an impressive area of wall space covering stair well, dining and living areas. They particularly wanted to achieve a smooth uninterrupted surface to show the beauty of scale, colour and materials.

Working closely with their interior designer and main contractor, we produced a number of finishes as part of the development phase. This meant that the client, who was actively involved throughout, could see different options in situ and through a careful evolutionary process, achieve precisely the effect they were looking for.

Ultimately, we combined two different finishes to attain the smooth, still and consistent sheen that the client had wanted from the outset. It called into play all the skills and experience of the artisans and their sensitive use of the tools available, but the end result - a show-stopping expanse of highly polished cream Venetian Plaster - is really spectacular.

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station, SW8

The redevelopment of Battersea Power Station is one of the country's most significant design and development projects so far this century. For Evoke Polished Plaster, it was an honour and a privilege to work on such an iconic building of monumental importance.

We were retained to work within 11 of the Penthouse apartments, and in each one Venetian Polished Plaster was the surface of choice for all interior walls, to ensure that luxury is maintained, through design, quality of materials and finish.

With penthouses selling for £28,000,000 (and all reserved early by people from the worlds of business, music and entertainment), the scale of the task was immense. We had teams of four artisans at work executing polished plaster finishes to around 2,500m2 of wall space at an overall budget of £150,000.

Using the same materials and finish helped enormously with streamlining and project management. An off-white Spatulato with a high gloss finish throughout lounge, hallways and bathrooms in all apartments provides future residents with the quality and style they will expect - but also the potential to add their own personality.

Apart from the essential technical and creative skills we had to apply consistently, we had to be absolutely 'on top of it' in terms of project management. Working alongside various trades - all with deadlines to meet - co-ordinated by the main contractor or a specialist sub-contractor, meant that efficient planning was vital to ensure the relevant trades followed one after the other, to avoid delays.

Despite the potential for hiccups, the entire project ran smoothly from start to finish confirming that we have the combination of skills, experience and professionalism vital to succeed with projects of such size and complexity.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill, London W11

Notting Hill is one of London's most desirable areas with a thriving personality, encouraged by a lively culture and arts scene. It also has some of the most beautiful residential properties in the capital.

For Evoke Polished Plaster, this particular project, part of a significant refurbishment of a £15,000,000 home, provided an opportunity to produce something visually arresting in a central area of the house - the crossroads to all floors and living areas.

The client was actively involved in all design and project management decisions. His objectives included achieving a seamless openness in the halls, and a suitably dramatic effect from a spiral staircase descending through four floors. Which is where we came in...

Liaising closely with the client and the contractor, Evoke Polished Plaster initially provided advice and examples of different finishes to achieve the desired effects.

Spatulato Venetian Polished Plaster was the finish of choice for the hall and staircase areas: its high-gloss effect provided the fluidity the client was looking for. We produced samples in several different shades of white to achieve an accurate match with the overall colour scheme.

On site for around 15 days, we had a two-man team working with 200m2 of Venetian Polished Plaster. The finish on the walls has ensured that they do indeed, appear to flow seamlessly, providing an impressive backdrop to the wonderful staircase that, uninterrupted, links the very top of the house with the basement.

Sahara Grill

Sahara Grill Restaurant

Founded in 2004, the renowned Sahara Grill chain of unique restaurants is widely recognised as being the original, influential and still the best innovators of today's modern, flourishing halal cuisine.

Evoke Polished Plaster was invited to work alongside The Fit-Out, a retail interiors company. Our brief was to apply Venetian Plaster to stunning effect, on a variety of surfaces. We were first asked to work on one of the original Sahara grill restaurants back in 2010 the design they came up with was of two big curving pods that would house the open kitchen area. We used a sand coloured polished plaster dragged finish to achieve a very stone like finish to these curved walls. The second third pod area was the toilets We used a very glossy polished plaster spatulato finish in a dark blue/ black to achieve a seamless finish.

Using an experienced team of three it took five days to decorate in venetian plaster around 100m2 of wall space.

The second restaurant we worked on was in Hounslow London early on in 2018. The concept with the pods was the same as the first restaurant using the same dragged polished plaster finish. The other two areas by the toilets and up the stairs we came up with two very bespoke finishes. The first in a deep brown is a combination of two polished plaster finishes. The first using marmorino is a fine pitted finish once this had dried we stuck a vinyl to the walls in a barcode style over the top we used our Spatulato finish to create a shinny finish over the pitted finish. Once the wall was dry we pulled the stencil out from the wall added a dark brown wax leaving a very stylish finish. The third area going up the stairs we produced a drift wood finish with a gold wax over the top. We used Marmorino first to create a heavy texture. The following day we put a mixture of two different polished plaster pastes over the wall trowelling to a high shine. Once dry we added two waxes to give you a gold effect with high shine.

Chigwell Residential House

Chigwell Residential House

This stunning new build mansion in Chigwell, Essex has seen no expense spared! From the basement to the third floor we have used a whole host of stunning polished plaster finishes. With the exceptional attention to detail by interior designer Anna from Anna Maria Interiors and the client we have truly created a masterpiece. Starting in the basement pool area, we used a diagonal polished plaster dragged with a subtle metallic wash to the walls. The gym and outer ceiling were finished in our urban Venetian plaster concrete. To set the coffer ceiling off we used the traditional polished plaster spatulato, our flagship finish.

Coming out of the swimming pool area, all the walls in stairwells and communal areas were finished in polished plaster spatulato giving the areas a very clean chic look with a beautiful shine.

The kitchen, lounge and master bedrooms had fireplaces completed in Venetian dragged polished plaster in a subtle light stone colour to match the fire surround. The ceiling was completed in a metallic dune decorative finish which looks fantastic with the LED lighting picking out the metallic lustre of the finish.

The pray room at the top of the house was finished in our metallic decorative dune finish. This room is made up of lots of angles with a great windowed end which the sun can beam through making the room sparkle. This job has been one of our favourites, we had a great deal of input with the designer and the client and together we came up with something really special.

Cheyne Brasserie, 50 Cheyne Walk

Cheyne Brasserie, 50 Cheyne Walk

This ground floor restaurant will seat around 70 people and on the upper floor there’s also going to be a 50 seat cocktail bar and ‘drawing room’. Set on Cheyne Walk there are views of the Thames and Cheyne Gardens too so, all in all, this is shaping up to be a very interesting new incarnation of a Chelsea favourite.

This restaurant brasserie has undergone a nine month revamp makeover. We were contacted by Local London to apply spatulato Venetian polished plaster to the ceiling of the main bar area. We used a stunning fusion of blue and green colour and trowelled the plaster to a very high shine.

This high end food establishment will be something special.

Carlyle Square Residential

Carlyle Square Residential

Carlyle Square is one garden square off the King's Road in London's Chelsea district, SW3. The square was laid out on market gardens surrounded by massive five storey 18th century houses. Evoke polished plaster interiors had the job of plastering a big feature wall spanning two levels down a staircase as well as a feature fireplace upstairs in the master bedroom. We used a subtle off-white marmorino to match a farrow and ball paint colour. This wall, being so awkward, required 4 applicators to complete so we could keep the plaster line continually wet so we would not get any drylines. The outcome was very good and the client was amazed as it bought her room to life.

London Medical Spa, Chelsea LMS Wellness

London Medical Spa, Chelsea LMS Wellness

The London Medical Spa or LMS Wellness as it is known globally is the brainchild of Brother and Sister duo Dr. Shawana Vali and Dr. Mohammed Enayat. Ever – inventive, LMS Wellness has evolved to offer effective cutting edge technologies, ensuring optimum results for men and women.

The newly extended spa has added another three consultant rooms, relaxation and juice bar areas. We have been working together with Dr. Enayat to create a fashionable and exciting look to this one of a kind wellness spa.

Having helped create the polished plaster finishes to the original Spa three years earlier we were delighted to be asked to help out in the extension and revamp of the new area.

We continued with the raw polished plaster distressed concrete look we went with throughout the main area on walls and ceiling. In the new consultant rooms we used a pale grey spatulato Venetian plaster giving you a very clinical fresh look. Upstairs in the relaxation area and juice bar we had to create a Mars effect room. We used a Mars dark red colour and created a textured finish to emulate the look of Mars. We also added LMS logos to the Mars area and the distressed concrete walls down stairs.

We had a great time working alongside Dr. Vali and Dr. Enayat! Look out for this unstoppable duo, they are truly going to take LMS Wellness to the global next level.

Poetry London Fashion House

Poetry London Fashion House

Poetry Fashion was launched in 2005, offering natural fabrics like merino wool, pure linen and silk, better quality fabrics which have inherently interesting textures and create subtle marled colours. Opening their first shop in Chelsea we helped choose a stone looking marmorino polished plaster with a recessed logo dropped into the Venetian polished plaster wall. As you walk through the door and down the stairs you can see the polished plaster on your left hand side. We also completed some polished plaster marmorino table tops used for display purposes.

Moving on 3 years Poetry have opened their second shop on trendy Marylebone High Street. This time we kept the same grey marmorino Venetian polished plaster with a recessed logo again going down the stairs. A couple of Polished plaster table tops were also completed. A brilliant use of polished plaster to great effect in keeping with their branding.

Eight Meter High Columns

Eight Meter High Columns

This was a challenge! These eight meter high circular columns were to be completed in polished plaster concrete with two eight meter high walls. We had to use a variety of different access points to be able to apply the polished plaster such as two scissor lifts, a scaffold and mast climbers. For the two eight meter high walls we used scissor lifts on one of them and a scaffold on the other as there was a big reception desk in the way. The walls were a three man job each man working from the left to the right on three different levels keeping the line wet at all times so there would be no dry lines in the polished plaster. The second wall was completed from a scaffold with the eight meters divided into three levels.

The columns were the fun bit! This required two men on a scissor lift and one man on the outside on a mast climber as the columns were so close to the glass we had to have the glass taken out so we could get behind it to apply the polished plaster. Overall a bit of an access nightmare but working closely with the main contractor we got the polished plaster concrete job completed.

11 - 15 Wigmore Street

11 - 15 Wigmore Street

Evoke polished plaster interiors had the job of replacing the polished plaster spatulato to a curved wall behind the reception desk in the foyer of these flats and offices. The original polished plaster was completed around 10 years ago. There was a lot of damage from wear and tear so the only option was to repair any damages to a decorating standard by filling any cracks, sanding off the old polished plaster, waxing and re-applying.

We reapplied the polished plaster using a natural spatulato colour to give the area a new lease of life. A fantastic example of how polished plaster spatulato can bring a whole new life to reception areas.

ODEON, Leicester Square

ODEON, Leicester Square

This was a very special polished plaster project. We were very pleased to be asked to work on the revamp of the ODEON, Leicester Square. With all the Premier movie nights it was a project that would get our work seen by the rich and famous.

The design for our work was a symmetrical design to be mirrored on both sides of the escalators up to the bar area. The polished plaster design had to match up with mirrors and monitors to create one big feature wall. We used a combination of polished plaster finishes, a pitted polished plaster and a marmorino polished plaster. These finishes were broken up into different shapes; squares, triangles and rectangles all matching the TV monitors and mirrors. We had two scaffolds down both escalators. We used a laser and straightedge to map out the different shapes to create the feature wall.

Residential, Welbeck Street, London

Residential, Welbeck Street, London

This stunning six storey town house in the heart of London’s west end has been renovated into a modern homely house. We were tasked with applying polished plaster travertine from the basement up to the sixth floor in all hallways and stairwells. In total over 400m2 of polished plaster vertical travertine in a soft grey colour was used!

We also applied polished plaster to the dining room in a mid-grey horizontal travertine Venetian plaster. The kitchen, with its curved vaulted ceiling, was finished in polished plaster off-white spatulato.

Harrods Beau De Change

Harrods Beau De Change

It is always a pleasure to be asked to do work in such iconic retail stores. So when the opportunity came to be working in Harrods we gracefully obliged. The task we were involved with was the new fit out of the beau de change area on the third floor of Harrods.

This site operated twenty four hours a day as the project had to be completed in a very small time frame. We were asked to apply polished plaster marmorino to columns and the pod area. The hardest thing about this job was coordinating with all the other trades which meant coming in at 4AM one morning to get the job finished. The polished plaster added a nice touch to all the other finishes used on this project.

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is one of the biggest projects going on in London for the past couple of years. Having completed eleven penthouses in white spatulato polished plaster we were asked to complete another area in the lobby of one of the towers.

We used a green and grey fusion coloured marmorino polished plaster to match the floor and soft furnishing. The combination of stone, polished plaster and trees made for a nice relaxing area to sit and contemplate everyday life. A great example of how polished plaster can be used in a whole host of different environments!

Kensington Dental Clinic

Kensington Dental Clinic

This week we have being working on a dental clinic in Kensington. We have been asked to apply a spatulato polished plaster in a mid grey finish to three walls in the reception area of a dental practice. We are dropping a logo into one of the walls. This logo will be a recessed logo in two colours, black and grey with a shiny spatulato polished plaster over the top.

The logo was printed on a vinyl by Signal UK. We then marked out the wall so we knew where to put the black for the logo. We completed the rest of the wall in a grey, double keycoated and trowelled up. The following day we stuck the vinyl and put the polished plaster spatulato over the top, then pulled the logo out leaving a nice crisp recessed logo behind.

Antabis South of France Residential Villa

Antabis South of France Residential Villa

We were asked to go to the south of France to transform a rather tired Villa . We took the challenge having seen a couple of photos the owner wanted to refresh her Villa and to redo the polished plaster that was applied 15 years ago. The polished plaster was in a bad way the sea and salt air had made the polished plaster delam off the wall in places. In some areas  we had to go right back to the brick word.

 We sanded all the old wax of the walls, scanned the area for any defects, cracks and delamination . Having filled and sanded any defects we applied a coat of Spatulato polished plaster to all walls. Once dry we sanded back any high spots and proceeded with the application of Spatulato polished plaster The job took 6 days to complete 150m2.

We worked closely with the client discussing colour schemes that would match the existing tiles in the dining area and lounge. This Job being overseas we had daily skype calls with the client so she could see how we were getting along. The client was very excited to fly out and see the transformation. 

On arrival the client was blown away. She could not believe how we had transformed her pealing , drab polished  plaster to the new shinny, light and very chic polished plaster she know has.. A very happy client.



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