The Most Common Misconceptions About Polished Plaster

For the discerning eye, and for the aficionado of sophisticated and elegant interiors, polished plaster hits all the right notes, especially when applied by expert craftspeople who have honed their trade over many decades.

Using polished plaster, any interior can be up-scaled to eye-catching levels, providing it is designed and handcrafted by experienced specialists of course.

If you have already explored the potential of polished plasters, you may have come across a few reasons why you shouldn’t choose them to boost the appeal of your interior. However, many of these are likely myths; misconceptions that have built over the years, many of them based on hearsay and unsubstantiated opinion. It is these very misconceptions that we are about to challenge in this article.

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Myth 1: Polished plaster can be used in wet rooms

Venetian polished plasters add a particularly beautiful finish to bathroom spaces. However, whilst many manufacturers may claim its suitability for wet rooms, this is actually not the case. It is true that certain types of specialist plasters, which may not technically be polished plaster but are commonly referred to as such, may possibly be suitable for wet rooms. The best course of action is to discuss your interior design ambitions with a specialist plaster expert and to follow their guidance on selecting an appropriate product that will both look appealing, and provide a long-lasting, robust finish.

Myth 2: Polished plasters are overly costly

It really depends how you look at it. Polished plaster requires specialist, artisan application so, compared to a painted finish, it is of course going to require a greater level of investment. However when it comes to longevity, polished plaster wins hands down, because it provides a lifelong finish, whereas with paint, it has to be re-applied every few years. Mould resistant and incredibly robust, polished plasters are very unlikely to crack, meaning your initial investment will pay you back in dividends over time.

Myth 3: Polished plaster can only be applied to walls

Certain types of polished plaster, such as Marmorino for example, are certainly robust enough to withstand footfall in certain areas. Popular uses include kitchens and pool sides for example. For high traffic zones, it is important to discuss your aspirations with a polished plastering professional to ensure the most appropriate option is selected to suit your needs.

Myth 4: Polished plasters don’t look sophisticated

Take a look at some of our polished plaster case studies and then see if you think polished plaster doesn’t look sophisticated! Having been chosen by the likes of Harrods, Quaglino’s and Timberland, it is clear to see that polished plaster finishes are far from crude or tacky. In fact, they bring an air of exceptional elegance to interiors that are considered unsurpassed by many. Surely there is no retail store considered more upmarket and luxurious than Harrods? Their choice of Marmorino polished plaster in a light shade with a subtle sheen really did set off the new tax relief and bureau de change area of the store beautifully. Sophistication personified!

Myth 5: There is a limited choice of style and finish

Another misconception that’s easy to debunk! From high gloss Spatulato that reflects the light with gradual movement between colour values, to Travertine that gives a beautifully textured, natural stone look and the wonderful metallic finish so often used by interiors specialists to create eye-catching impact, there really is so much choice. Providing you work closely with a trusted polished plaster company where knowledgeable and highly skilled craftspeople are ready to help you realise that perfect and wholly unique finish you are striving for then you will not be disappointed when it comes to choice, and that’s a promise!

Evoke Polished Plaster: The Artisan Polished Plaster Company London Interiors Experts Trust

The richness and variety, and the intriguing history of Venetian polished plasters, are what make this truly beautiful product so incredibly appealing. The artistry required to achieve the stunning effects that turn so many heads quite simply has to be of the highest level, requiring skill built up over many years.

Polished plastering is an art form, and here at Evoke Polished Plaster we work closely with many of London’s most acknowledged interior designers, contractors and architects, achieving results that are widely considered unmatched amongst our now global client base.

If you would like to discuss your interiors project with a member of our bespoke commissions team, you are most welcome to get in touch at your convenience.

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