COVID-19 Update

It is an unprecedented time for all of us. Due to COVID-19, we have taken the following precautions:

  • We are operating two-man teams only. No other traders would be working in those areas.
  • Our team members would be maintaining a two-meter distance and will be wearing gloves, face masks and goggles all the time.
  • Gloves and face masks will be washed or binned safely after each working shift.
  • All our staff will be wearing fresh PPE each day including clothing. Clean clothes would be worn to and from the site and stored in a sealed bag whilst at work.
  • Hands to be washed as often as possible.
  • All step ladders, drills, and hand tools will be wiped down before the start of work.
  • Where possible windows and doors will be left open for fresh air.
  • Applicators will travel to work in their own car or van and not use public transport.
  • Samples are still available on request but may take longer to despatch.
Abiding by these rules will help us to keep our teams and others around us as safe as possible. If you have any queries about your work or need information about polished plastering, please contact us on our number. Thank you for your continued support.

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