Decorating in December – The Polished Plasters Way

Decorating your home in December can be a great way to revolutionise your environment and prepare from the New Year. As well as having a fantastic background for your festive décor, you’ll have a stunning new design to enjoy once the festive period draws to a close.

Of course, you’ll want to choose your projects carefully. If you’re extending your home or replacing your roof, wintertime may not be the best time to undertake these jobs.

With lower temperatures and an increase in rain and snow, anything which exposes your home to the elements is better left until spring.

When it comes to interior decoration, however, wintertime gives you the freedom to explore design options and create a bespoke home environment for you and your family.

What’s more, decorating in December will give you the opportunity to showcase your new décor to friends and neighbours over the festive season.

Choosing your new décor

Renovating your home can be a time-consuming task, depending on the décor you choose. December can be one of the most hectic months and you’ll likely have a calendar of events to get through. Fortunately, this needn’t prevent you from enhancing your interior design. 

By choosing design options which give stunning results but require minimal time to implement, you can redecorate your home with the minimum of fuss.

Polished plasters, in particular, offer a unique and high-end finish, with relatively little upheaval. In fact, the decorating process can be made far simpler when you opt for top-quality materials and craftmanship. 

With endless colour and texture options, polished plasters can be used to complement any design or theme, which makes them perfect for residential use. Whether you favour industrial chic or traditional design; you’ll find polished plasters to suit your needs.

Finding the right polished plaster

When you’re decorating your home, what you choose to put on your walls will have the biggest impact on your interior design.

As many people are unaware of the possibilities of using polished plaster in the home, they’re stuck with the somewhat uninspiring options of paint or wallpaper. Whilst both options feature in many homes up and down the country, they are rather limited in their application.

If you want to enhance your décor and achieve a bespoke result, polished plaster can offer exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes to polished plasters, however, finding the right option is critical to your interior design.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to understand the varying options available.

Rustic Charm

Rustic designs prioritise cosiness, so they’re ideal for a winter renovation. When you’re redecorating in December, you’ll want to create inviting rooms that inspire warmth and relaxation.

Low beams, Scandinavian chic, wood burners, throws and blankets are all staples of rustic living, but how can you set your renovation apart from the rest?

A textured polished plaster can give you the ideal base for your rustic retreat. The natural appearance of Travertine polished plaster recreates the look and feel of a natural stone wall, whilst giving you the depth of colours you need to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Once applied, Travertine polished plaster is torn and burnished to give it more depth and texture. As a result, the colour appears in two or even three tones, rather than as a solid hue.

This works fantastically when you’re creating a traditional or rustic environment, particularly if you want to move away from the flat, lifeless finish you often get with paint. 

Alternatively, you can use dragged polished plaster to create a more aged feel. Recreating the feel of weathered stone, dragged polished plaster is ideally suited to hidden snugs, cosy living rooms and rustic bedrooms.

As a lime-based product, dragged polished plaster offers some variation in colour, which works well if you’re using your interior design to create a bespoke feel. No two plasters will give the same finish, so you can be sure your renovation will set you apart.

Colour washes are used to give dragged polished plaster its ultimate finish and they can be used to enhance any colour scheme you’re aiming for. Combined with the highly textured feel of the plaster, you can create a realistic rustic hideaway in any location when you opt for dragged polished plaster. 

Contemporary style

If you prefer modern design, you may want to incorporate the sleek lines and smooth textures of contemporary minimalism. If so, the natural stone finish of smooth polished plaster is exactly what you’re looking for.

Largely uniform in colour, the minimal variations in the plaster add depth, without interrupting the flow of colour the plaster offers. Perfect in any environment, smooth polished plasters comes in a stunning array of colours.

Whether you want to opt for a festive mulberry, rich red, cool blue or neutral cream, you’ll find smooth polished plaster to suit your needs.

A particularly popular option for contemporary design is metallic polished plaster. By adding metallic elements to the base plaster, you can create a truly unique finish. With a skilled craftsman on hand to create and apply the plaster, the results are designed with your home in mind.

You’ll have the option to enhance the metallic elements to deliver a dramatic, eye-catching finish or to opt for a more subtle, delicate metallic finish. 

Decorating your home this winter

When you use polished plaster to enhance your home, your choices certainly aren’t limited. Matte, satin and gloss finishes can all be achieved using polished stone, so you can find the perfect option for your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways.

What’s more, you can use innovative design methods, such as banding, to accentuate certain architectural features, combine plaster types and enhance the overall finish. 

With an endless selection of textures, colours and finishes, polished plaster gives you complete control over your home décor.

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