Best Interior Designs using Venetian Plastering

Delivering unique versatility and a range of bespoke finishes, Venetian plastering has become one of the top interior design trends of 2019. Although Venetian plaster has been used for centuries, modern advancements mean it’s easier to apply than ever before.

With so many benefits associated with Venetian plaster, it’s ideally suited for use in residential or corporate environments. In fact, you can enhance any room with expert Venetian plastering. To find out how Venetian plaster could complement your surroundings, check out some of the best interior design ideas now…

  1. Interior Arches

If you’re renovating a property or redecorating your home, consider switching cumbersome door frames to sleek interior arches. Ideal for open plan rooms, interior arches allow your interior design to flow from one area to another, without interruption. 

Offering a polished finish or a textured, rustic feel, Venetian plasters are a fantastic option for interior arches. Unlike marble tiles or slabs, Venetian plaster can be used on curves and around corners. 

With many homeowners compelled to use paint on interior arches, the option to enhance the décor with Venetian plastering is an enticing one. More durable than paint and offering a pristine finish, Venetian plasters can add depth, texture, and polish. Whether you opt for a high shine finish or a rougher, textured feel, Venetian plaster is the ideal material to complement interior arches in any home. 

  1. Luxury Bathrooms

Venetian plaster delivers a luxurious feel and a decadent finish, so it’s ideal when you want to relax. If you’re revamping a family bathroom, adding an opulent spa room or redecorating an en suite, Venetian plasters are a fantastic choice. 

Many people choose natural stone tiling in bathrooms, due to the range of finishes available. However, heavy tiles can be too cumbersome in some environments and it can prove to be a costly option too. Whilst slabs of marble or granite are sometimes used, these increase the price further and can be tricky to work with. 

With Venetian plaster, however, you can obtain a stunning, marble-like finish without the drawback of using tiles or slabs. The high shine, decadent finish offered by Venetian plasters is particularly popular in bathroom and spa environments as it epitomises luxury, relaxation, and indulgence. 

Whilst Venetian plaster offers the finish you’re after, it’s also highly versatile and a fabulous option for bathrooms, wet rooms, spas, and pools. As well as being highly durable, it’s a very breathable material. This means it won’t allow moisture together within the wall finish itself and will resist mould, mildew, and bacteria. 

Interior design options can be somewhat limited in bathrooms due to the moisture content and exposure to water, but Venetian plastering allows you to combine the most evocative interior design trends with functional and long-lasting materials. 

  1. Rustic Charm

When you’re planning a charming rustic design for a room or property, Venetian plaster may not be the first thing that springs to mind. Indeed, Venetian plasters are often noted for their seamless, polished appearance and glossy finish. 

However, the versatility of Venetian plaster means it lends itself to a variety of finishes. As well as the option of a high shine finish, you can choose a more textured feel when Venetian plasters are applied. 

Whether you want a coarse finish or a pitted feel, Venetian plastering can offer an amount of surface variation. Whilst paint typically offers a flat, one-dimensional finish, Venetian plasters delivers depth, texture, variation, and character. 

What’s more – you won’t be limited to how, when and where you can use Venetian plastering because its versatility extends beyond the type of finishes it offers. When it comes to colour, Venetian plaster spans the gamut.  

From clean white to warm golden hues, cool blues and inviting shades, Venetian plaster offers endless colour variations. If you’re opting for a dragged or pitted finish to complement a rustic interior design, for example, you can incorporate colour washes to create the exact shade you’re after. Indeed, if you want to add depth of colour, the textured and multi-tone finish of Travertine plaster might be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Sleek Minimalism

Minimalism has grown in popularity in recent years, with many people favouring the clean lines and uncluttered appearance it offers. Whilst a truly minimalist design can be difficult to achieve in a bustling family home, it’s an interior design that lends itself to modification. 

If you favour a minimalist style but you prefer curved edges and softer lines, Venetian plastering a great way to achieve your desired look. With the ability to curve around edges, turn corners and adhere to almost anything, Venetian plasters are uniquely versatile. Use it to cultivate a minimalist environment throughout your property and you’ll be able to add a bespoke twist to a contemporary design trend.

If you’re creating a minimalist design and you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. Venetian plasters are well-suited to creating clean lines and contemporary finishes, and they can be a better choice than any other material out there.

When people incorporate minimalist designs into their home or workspace, they often use bright white paint or a cool off-white shade. Whilst this can look fabulous, it does deliver a somewhat stark or cold finish. However, minimalism doesn’t have to be cold or uninviting. 

By using Venetian plaster, you can maintain a sleek, minimalist feel whilst adding depth, warmth, and character at the same time. Even in high shine finishes, the depth offered by Venetian plastering ensures you’ll feel at home in your new, minimalist haven. 

Creating the best interior designs with Venetian Plastering

With exceptional durability, versatility and flexibility, Venetian plasters can enhance any environment. If you’re renovating a family home, redecorating a corporate office or even refitting a store or shop, Venetian plastering can create a hardwearing and luxurious appearance that’s perfect for the environment you’re operating in. 

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