How to improve your interior in 2019

We are already in March and 2019 seems to be flying by! If you are looking to bring new life to your interior in 2019 you are in the right place! In this article we will be exploring multiple style trends of Venetian polished plaster that have been popular so far this year that you could potentially incorporate into your interior and give it a whole new lease of life.

Textures and colours

Polished plaster is very distinctive with one of its most attractive features being the different textures and colours available. The textures can range from a smooth marble-esque surface to a more rough grained style. This trait can also be used to create a feature wall, creating emphasis or drawing focus to a particular section of a room. The variation of texture is one of our favourite features and if used correctly can be very effective at bringing an explosion of new life to your interior.

Outdoors look

A trend we’ve seen in recent times is the combination of the outdoors with indoors. Polished plaster makes it possible to have indoor surfaces which look like they belong outside. You can do this by having surfaces that resemble concrete or terracotta. Such a unique concept of combining the two extremes of the outdoors and the indoors is bound to generate intrigue and get people talking. This can give your interior an industrial look and forge a bold centrepiece guaranteed to catch the attention of your guests!


Another recent trend we’ve seen is the use of Venetian plaster in furniture. Polished plaster has always been used on walls and floors but we have also seen people get more creative by incorporating it into the design of actual furniture such as bathtubs, tables and worktops. Waterproof, antibacterial and eco-friendly are just some of the traits making it great for bathrooms. These traits make the plastering completely flexible in the ways it can be used, so get thinking about how you can get creative. We think polished plaster looks great when used for kitchen worktops or bars as it adds an additional layer of texture to your kitchen making it aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

In short, there is no right or wrong way to use polished plaster. The opportunities are endless! With its unique aesthetic and style we are sure you can find many ways to spruce up your interior in 2019. So, if you have any questions or you are interested in renovating your interior this year be sure to get in contact with us!

Written on 18th March 2019

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